Gerald L. (seller)

I would choose CBKG only if Patty Hopkins is working there.

Dave and AnnMarie H. (seller)

Patty was an amazing Realtor, from the first moment we met we knew we were in good hands. Patty presented us with more information that we could of imagined and what we could expect from the process and a recommended value for the house which exceeded our expectations. In the end we got the first over within 24 hours for more than we were asking and the rest is history. I would gladly do business again with Patty and hope our paths cross again some day

Larry and Chris C. (buyer and seller- 3 transactions)

Patty Hopkins once again proved to my wife and myself that she is a great Realtor and a greater person.

Brandon H. (seller and buyer- 2 transactions)

Patty is outstanding! She is patient, informative and very helpful. Patty was always available for any questions and conversation.

Tania and Ryan A. (buyer)

Patty was awesome! She was honest, patient and very helpful!

Marline M. (buyer and seller- 2 transactions)

Patty is absolutely the best!! That is why I used her a second time.

Joe L. (buyer)

Patty was great, she was on my side all the time. Very patient!

Jacquie C. (buyer and seller- 2 transactions)

Patty went above and beyond to make the sale happen. She was outstanding, patient and extremely invested in helping us.

Jamie W. (buyer)

Patty was wonderful, experienced, patient, helpful, good info. I never felt like she was "pushing" me to buy anything and always felt as if she had my best interest at heart. She worked very hard to get me into a house, the right house for me. Great agent and person!

Barbara C. (buyer)

Patty was very supportive and willing to continue to show houses/units for several months. Consummate professional and friendly.

Matt K. (seller)

Excellent service!

Jack C. (buyer and seller- 2 transactions)

Patty was awesome! She was helpful, available and honest.

Bryan and Jitka L. (buyer)

Patty was excellent, she did a really good job.

Randy S. (seller)

My wife and I were lucky to have Patty assigned as our agent. We were first-time home buyers and completely new to the whole home buying experience. Patty was very knowledgeable about our target market and very flexible when it came time to meet for viewings. Our home was a short-sale and at that time, not all realtors had extensive knowledge or experience with such transactions. Patty is experienced with short-sales and we believe her skills helped move our process along faster than if we had not had her as our agent. We highly recommend Patty as a real estate professional and we will continue to recommend her to our friends and family

Heather G. (seller)

It was just a little over a year ago when we met Patty while doing our short sale on our property. She was extremely informative, educated, and personable with us. She was great at contacting us often and keeping us updated as information came in to her. We were able to text or call her at any moment with questions and she would promptly get back to us. I really appreciate her love for her career and her clients. I love that she was there to assist us with getting papers for our taxes that I misplaced in our move and what not fromt the sale.

She has continued to show that she is here for us in the long run and was not just there for the sale. I love that about her. There's not too often you find people in sales/customer service that will be there for you in the long haul and not drop you after the sale is complete. :-) Thanks to Patty and her loyalty and dedication to her clients, we will definitely recommend her to our friends, family, and neighbors. Mostly we will be back as clients when God puts that in our future again. :-)

Joe and Denise B. (seller and buyer)

My husband and I recommend Patty to everyone we know. Her number one goal is helping her clients, whether it be buying or selling. She makes you feel comfortable right from the start, and is willing to go the distance, no matter how long it takes.

Warren L. and Ana C. (buyer)

Patty was wonderful to work with throughout our first home buying experience. We gained a better understanding because of her willingness to teach us about the home buying process. She is very patient, prompt, and professional. Patty is genuine as a person and what she does to help people. I would recommend her 100% of the time if you are looking to buy a home or just have any questions about real estate

Dave and Kathi D. (buyer and seller- 2 transactions)

Patty is a true professional and someone you can trust will be alongside throughout the entire real-estate transaction. Patty represented my wife and I on the purchase and sale of this property to where both transactions went seamlessly.